SNEAK PREVIEW – Hoonah, Alaska book soon published!

Well, I got the proof for the cover of Surviving the Storms: Real-life Stories from Hoonah, Alaska this week! It is the third book I’ve project managed, published by Good Catch Publishing , where I serve on staff. (Click on the graphic to read the back cover copy.) It is an edgy dramatic narrative compilation of seven true stories. I do not write the stories – I work with a freelance base of 20 incredible writers from around the country, and with the storytellers and the clients who commission our books. Surviving the Storms should be out by mid-October and available on Amazon for $14.95. (We are always looking for good dramatic narrative writers who like to interview people and write their true stories. For more information, go to the Good Catch Publishing website, bottom righthand corner of Home page.)

Good Catch Publishing has published over 70 books and two were from churches in Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin’s hometown! They are: Though They Walk Through the Valley with a picture of the Mat-Su Valley on the cover (where Wasilla is located), published for Wasilla Assembly of God. And Velocity: Moving at the Speed of Life  was published for The Church on the Rock. Both were published just a few months ago, in Dec 2007, before hardly anyone knew Sarah. 😉 One is the church Sarah supposedly attended for quite a while before she became governor so the people whose stories we tell may have been friends of hers from church!

We are currently working on another Wasilla book which should be published before the end of the year. You should be able to find many of our books on and our website.

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Cycling Heaven! Part 1…

Knowing how much I love to ride, Chet rented me a bike on Tuesday while he was working the RMRPPR Trade Show in Copper Mountain. I didn’t get a chance to use it until that afternoon as I needed to work on my books for Good Catch Publishing.

But at 3:00 Mountain Time, I was whizzing across Highway 70 to catch the bike trail from Copper to Frisco. What breathtaking scenery on a perfect fall day! From trailhead to trailhead, it was 7.6 miles of bike path flanked on one side by a rushing creek and on the other still ponds with Canadian geese, yellow-green aspen, evergreens and mountainside rock.

“I LOVE THIS!” I kept saying to noone in particular, thoroughly enjoying to ride. “This IS THE LIFE!”








It took me only 25 minutes to get to Frisco.  Good thing I enjoyed the cool breeze, colors and natural surroundings on the way down…little did I realize I would be heaving and heaving up the hill for an hour and a half pedalling mostly in gear 1-1 on the way back! Payback time!

As I entered Frisco, I saw a very peculiar sight…rock creatures to my left and right! Either space aliens landed in this pristine mountain area and decided to create self-portrait sculptures…or some bored kids were having a bit of fun! I tend to think the latter…







This one even has the ring in its snout.

Riding through Frisco on the path reminded me of my walks with Jan Tennyson, Director of Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation. We holed up for several days in one of the gorgeous mountain homes banging away at Part One of her Dare to Dream book. We worked hard, ate good food and took walks around the lake and on the path. Frisco is a darling little resort town. I fantasized what it would be like to live there year around. 😉

Who would have thought that one would run across a Cart o’ Kids wheeling its way down Main Street? And guess what Open Book Mentors and Mentees – I found two different kinds of Tandem bikes to rent – or buy! Also, took a refreshing walk around the Marina. Many of the boats were moored there, but quite a few the owners had pulled out of the water and parked in winter quarters. AND – most surprising of all – I discovered, in an effort to ward off a very serious problem that has ravaged the landscape, the quirky humor of the small mountain town folks …

All these and more in the next blog entry! (Awwww, shucks!!!)

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An Amazing Surprise! More Alaska…even while in Denver!

June 26, 2008

Well, wouldn’t you know? Chet and I returned home from Alaska to our jobs and responsibilities. I am a new Project Manager for Good Catch Publishing. The company has produced over 70 books in about four years, many of them filled with very edgy, dramatic stories of people who have been through heartaches, tragedies, difficult circumstances, and have found hope and redemption and transformation in their lives. (Read blurbs on the books here.)

The very day I returned, Michelle, the Editor in Chief assigned me two more books. Would you believe – one of them is about and for the tiny Alaskan village community of Hoonah! It is located near the capitol city, Juneau, has a year round population of less than 900, 65 percent are Tlingit; the rest are other Native and non-Native nationalities, including a sizable number of Scandinavians. (An aside, I have a sizable amount of Scandanavian blood, with “Lindstrom” as my maiden name.) Hoonah can only be reached via boat or plane! During the summer, about 2000 tourists visit each day via cruise ship.

My job is to oversee the conceptualization and production of these books from start to finish. I work with the client (who contracts the book) and match our unbelievably gifted staff of writers  – currently 20, from all over the US from the West Coast to the East Coast in all their varying time zones – with seven storytellers. I make sure every component (such as the graphic rendering of the cover, back copy, intro and conclusion and ISBN numbers) are just right. Our publication cycle for each book is an amazing 8-10 weeks before we ship.

(Click HERE for free book.)

With this new book project, I have spoken with a 52-year-old native, whose living is commercial fishing and his wife; a couple of missionaries who felt their calling was to move to this tiny community and start a drug and rehab program; and several who have been delivered from drug and alcohol addiction and are now joyfully serving others in the community. Another Hoonah resident and commercial fisherman has published a previous book about his life through GCP and will be contributing a dramatic story in this one of how he was taking one of his many plane flights to Juneau and a storm almost took him out!

Having immersed myself in the beautiful sights of the Alaskan forest, riveleted tidewaters and “calving” glaciers, the smells of the fresh air, the conversations with those who live there – both their joys and struggles in a pretty harsh land – I am so excited that I get to be a part of producing this book!


 This is a moose Chet and I saw while biking along the coast of Anchorage. He is a young fella – prolly a “teenager” and curiously followed us along the path for a brief part of our ride.

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